Open your business. How hard is it?

It’s just a matter of choosing the right approach to doing one’s business, acquiring relevant narrowly specialized knowledge that gradually grows into skills and experience. I will designate the most essential “pain points” that everyone who decides to start their own business will face. These are the nine most common difficulties that stand in the way of an entrepreneur.

1. No time for business.

Usually, a business is “built” at the same time as the main place of work, therefore it’s simply physically not enough time in days to do business.

In order to have time, you will have to sacrifice something (to abandon some of your other daily activities, for example, to reduce the time for mindless “surfing” on the Internet) and carve out a few hours a day or a week - only you decide.

2. No negotiation skills.

If you are "communicating" with strangers, you will have to solve this problem. Because an entrepreneur has to talk too much: with his clients, employees, suppliers, tax authorities and other inspection and service organizations.

The more you say (train), the better you do it. (An example from life. I have a speech impediment, but this does not bother me, but, on the contrary, it helps - it makes me remember. Therefore, they often call me to speak at various conferences.)

3. There is no skill in presenting your ideas, products, etc.

It is not enough to talk about the technical characteristics of your product (or service), you need to tell it in such an inspiring way that the customer would very much want to buy and even get his wallet.

You should learn to demonstrate the benefits and emphasize the merits of the goods you sell. I will give a small hint - tell about the final (secondary) benefit, and not about the physical parameters and technical characteristics of the product.

4. Lack of (or complete lack of) buyers.

A business cannot exist without clients; without sales, it will very quickly turn into your hobby, an expensive toy-entertainment.

Learn to attract customers "from the street" and from the Internet. In your arsenal, 10–20 channels of attracting potential buyers should appear gradually (putting up flyers, joint actions with other entrepreneurs, advertising on Yandex and in social networks, professional launch of word of mouth, etc.).

5. Technical incompetence.

You will not know how to make a website, how to hire employees, how to install a cash register, etc. actions that require specialized knowledge and skills.

It is easy to “cure” - it’s worth finding out and doing it once. Then you will do it with closed eyes and genuinely wonder why it is so difficult for others. The entrepreneur earns with the hands and brains of other people, learn to find and hire professionals in those areas in which you are a complete layman.

6. Loss of faith in your victory.

Difficulties and difficulties will necessarily and constantly stand in your way of life, otherwise all inhabitants of the globe would already be fabulously rich, healthy and happy.

Deal with the idea that you will fall and break your forehead and knees. So it should be! A carefree life exists only in the commercials of the manufacturers of cosmetics, medicines and stimulating drinks.

7. No boss with whip.

When you work at work, you are given a personal boss who “kicks” you and motivates you to work quickly and productively.

Left alone with your business, you will have to learn how to "kick yourself." Otherwise, you are guaranteed nothing will work and your business will go bankrupt.

8. The first attempts fail.

You have to accumulate a critical mass of defeats and gain invaluable experience - the son of mistakes is difficult.

Know this in advance, be mentally prepared to stand and move on, step by step, from problem to problem - only this way and nothing else.

9. No connections and the right people.

Be calm, they will gradually appear! He who seeks finds. Or they will find you. But to wait much longer, it is easier to find them yourself and be interested in working with you.

Difficulties in business are sure to come your way. Only you can decide if they can stop you on your way to your goal!

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