Want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 for 29990 rubles?

Everything is relative, and thanks to online services like Yandex. Market take and compare two smartphones to each other - a matter of a few seconds. Compare, for example, with Highscreen Thor, which has also recently appeared on the shelves. And without noisy presentations and pumps, which distinguishes B-brands (Oppo, Texet, Meizu and others) from their famous competitors (Apple, Samsung, actually dead Nokia, still alive Sony and the dying HTC).

So, what does a Russian company’s smartphone have in common (Highscreen is assembled in China, of course, but the brand is domestic) and a smartphone from South Korea (by the way, it is mostly made in China).

Screens are similar. Five inches from our craftsmen, one hundredth of an inch more from the Koreans. Full-HD resolution on both models. Thor has an IPS matrix, Galaxy S5 has a proprietary Super Amoled HD (it was the same with its predecessor S4).

Equal amount of built-in and RAM in devices: RAM - 2 gigabytes, ROM - 16 "gigs" (although Samsung will have versions with more built-in memory, but they will cost more).

Plus Korean smartphone in LTE support. True, in Russia it is more likely to be a reserve for the future. The connection itself at 4G speeds is already here and there, but it is expensive.

An important plus: Highscreen Thor works with two SIM cards (albeit alternately). But it is clear. In active mode, two 3G modules, together with a 5-inch Full-HD screen, would have devoured a battery in a few hours. In general, a strange decision of designers: to create a smartphone based on an 8-core MediaTek MT6592W with a frequency of 1700 MHz, and to slip a battery is clearly weak. Apparently, the expectation that the smartphone will be used by city dwellers, where there are no problems with the power supply and the location of the outlet.

But the Galaxy S5 processor is not the last generation. Just something Snapdragon 801 based on Krait with a frequency of 2500 MHz and 4 cores. But they promised 64-bit Exynos 6. Moreover, Hishcreen, in addition to 8 CPU cores, has 8 (!) Mali-450 video processor cores (GPUs). While the new "flagship" Samsung has lost the support of four cores Cortex A7, as it was in the Galaxy S4.

Finally, prices. If for Highscreen Thor they are asked for an average of 13–15 thousand (as are similar in properties to the Zopo C3, Philips Xenium W8555, Sony Experia Z), then for the Samsung Galaxy S5 twice as much! And pay attention: in the list of competitors are not only modest Chinese brands, but also a device from the well-known Sony!

That is, for LTE support, the extra 3 megapixels of the camera and the NFC, which are of little use for us, are proposed to issue twice as much Russian rubles weakened by the crisis. You can also add an additional 800 mAh battery to the list, but the Samsung Monster advertising chips will spend it so quickly that the difference in this case can be ignored. That 2000 mAh for Highscreen Thor, that 2800 mAh for Samsung Galaxy S5 is not enough, it's criminally not enough for five-inch smartphones with a bunch of radio modules and involving watching videos, reading books and playing in numerous mobile toys.

Yes, in the video mode, the Galaxy S5 can write in 4K format. That's just what this video then look at and where under it stocked up with memory cards? The same applies to the pulse meter - the chip is clearly marketing, and the usual pulse meter can be bought for much less money. Yes, it will remain on any Chinese smartphone with similar characteristics. And the children on the ice cream will remain.

Imagine the buyer Samsung Galaxy S5 is difficult. This is not a premium smartphone, as was the iPhone, this is not the top of technical excellence, which was at one time the Galaxy S3. No, it is not clear who will buy it. Completely incomprehensible. It is good if it is really not a flagship, but Galaxy F is ahead of us, where the letter in the name may hint at flexible - bending. And there will be a 50 megapixel camera, like the Oppo Find 7, a brand new 64-bit processor at 14 nm and a 4K display, where you can watch videos and movies shot on camera in the new Ultra HD format ...

Here only suddenly will not show? What then?

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