How to care for hair in winter?

In order to maintain (or even improve) the condition of your hair in the winter, you should follow a few recommendations.

1. Protect hair from cold

Even if you are a very seasoned person, but it is colder outside than -5 Celsius, do not hesitate to wear a headdress so that the hair follicles are not exposed to hypothermia.

2. Do not wash them too often.

Daily washing (it is undesirable even in summer) will not bring anything good. If the hair becomes dry and brittle, it will be harder for them to bear the burden of winter life. Weakened hair necessarily need air conditioning or balm. It will not be superfluous to lengthen the time of application and balm to 15−20 minutes. The time that is usually indicated on the package (1-3 minutes) is clearly not enough for hair weakened by the winter bad weather. You do not put a nourishing mask on your face for 3 minutes, right? Otherwise, nothing nutritious just does not have time to soak into your skin. So let your hair soak up and thoroughly nourish.

3. Nutrition - the guarantee of health. Feed hair outside

At least once a week make nourishing hair masks. Here are the recipes of some of them.

Egg mask
Beat the egg (for dry hair - the yolk, for oily hair - white), add a teaspoon of unrefined olive oil. Apply to hair for 15−20 minutes, rinse. Previously, mayonnaise was applied to the hair with the same purpose (when it was natural), now it is better not to engage in such experiments, too many components are written on the packaging with mayonnaise and the shelf life is too long.

Honey Mask
Honey mix with olive oil in a ratio of 1: 1 and apply on the hairy scalp for about 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. This mask should be applied very carefully. Some people are allergic to honey.

Herbal rinse
Herbs (chamomile, calendula, you can even chest collection), rose petals pour water at the rate of 1 tbsp. a spoonful of grass for 1 glass of water, for twenty minutes to keep on the steam bath and let it cool down in warmth (the most impatient can simply throw herbs into a scoop with boiling water - however, not all useful substances will survive in such a “cool” treatment) and drain. Rinse shampooed hair. If the smell is not very specific, then you can not flush.

4. Good nutrition is necessary not only for your hair, but also for you

Then the hair will be healthier. Without vitamins A, B, C, zinc and niacin, your hair will never look attractive, no matter what shampoos you wash or whatever balms and masks for them. Beauty comes from the inside - in this case, literally. Low-fat fish and meat, whole-grain bread, vegetables, fruits and greens, fish oil in the end - without this, your hair does not overwinter.

5. Do not go outside with wet hair

At a negative temperature, as you remember, water turns into ice. Imagine what is happening in your wet or wet hair at this moment. Of course, until you yourself turn into Snow Maiden, your hair will not turn into icicles. But their fragility and split ends are provided to you.

6. Try as rarely as possible to use a hot hairdryer, curling iron and curling tongs.

They also make hair weaker, dull and brittle. Health is more important than beauty. If you ruin your hair, then you can only dream of beauty, gorgeous hair and lush hair. If your hairstyle is so good, but in order to heighten the effect, your hands are drawn to the iron to straighten hair - think about how long your hair will endure all these fancy things and what they will turn into. Best the enemy of the good.

7. If you can, visit a beauty salon or a competent hairdresser.

You will be told what type of hair you have, what means you can use, what nutritional masks will suit you.

Take care of your hair, take care of them, and they will remain shiny and silky, despite the time of year and your own age ...

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