What is Babylon?

Do you really think that being thin and slim is beautiful? Why do you think so?
From the very moment of your birth, a whole wave of certain stereotypes fell on the small, weak shoulders. Parents, the media, the experience of mankind, everything that surrounds you - dictate their conditions. Do not accept the lion's share of these stereotypes is impossible. Lucky for those who were born at a sufficient distance from the epicenters of civilization. Residents of large cities depend on stereotypes more than others. The concept of "happy" is quite extensible in the city.

Do you really think that happiness is measured in square meters, monetary units, horsepower? Why do you need this?
They say they need laws. They say that without them it is impossible to distinguish the good from the bad. And you willingly believe them. And how not to believe, because all your family and friends, friends and acquaintances, do not even question what they say! Here it is - an uncomplicated scheme of Babylonian life: Anyone desires goodness and well-being for himself. The state gives a generous choice. Want good and well-being-work for the state. You have accepted this condition. Your quality work - in return for good and well-being. It seems to be an iron scheme. Indeed, you can’t easily catch fish from the pond. But, they did not take into account the fact that They, at the very beginning, are not entirely honest with you! You work for money. Money is needed in order to acquire material goods. And what are material goods needed for? ... Question.

Do you really think that walking naked through the streets is immoral?
"Freedom to wave a fist ends at the neighbor's nose." That is, freedom is this fiction. Utopia of democracy. I damn want to wear a huge hat with feathers, but I never put it on my head, because the “thirteenth K from the round dance” will stick a finger at me and laugh insultingly. And some Calvin Klein will declare that it is not fashionable. “Freedom of expression ends in prison and beatings” I often want to cry like a little girl, but I don’t cry, because I’m a man and a defender of the fatherland. “Freedom of personality ends in misunderstanding and complexes”

Do you really think that the state system is the only correct way? Or you can not imagine another?
Without a state, anarchy would reign on Earth. People need to be managed. Show them the light path. To help distinguish good from evil. Poverty from wealth. Equality from slavery. You will not find a person who will say: “To kill children is good!” This is clear to absolutely everyone. In order to understand this truth, no set of laws is needed. Those who kill children are sick thugs. These scumbags for generations brought up the system. Babylon himself nourished them. He showed them good and evil, poverty and wealth, equality and slavery.

Do you really think that man is king on earth? Did you read the Bible well?
Man lived in harmony with himself and nature. People rejoiced at every day that God gave them. But we always need more. More agreement with oneself, more agreement with nature, more gifts from God. People began to build a tower of enormous height so that man himself could become God. They will be able to climb higher than the sky, become invulnerable! ... But the tower collapsed, without completing its ascension to the clouds. The builders no longer understand each other, in pursuit of greed and self-admiration. Man sought to become a great being, ceasing to notice the benefits bestowed on him by nature. And for nature he was and is a scanty insignificance, on the scale of the Universe.

Babylon is our cruel reality. Today he rules on all continents of our planet. The man began to engage in suicide. The washed and empty heads, fed on the breast of the caring System, fearlessly fight for the interests of modern Pinochet. Go outside, look back and finally wake up! Everything you believe in can be used against you! Be careful! ... The tower is already unsteady!

Watch the video: Visiting Babylon (April 2020).


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