Gold ring of Russia. What to see a tourist in Rostov Veliky Yaroslavl region?

The media inspire us that sanctions have virtually no effect on the lives of the common man. On the example of Rostov creates a different impression.

The concrete fact. Before the sanctions, one Dane built a plant in Rostov, all according to EU standards, the newest equipment was delivered, the staff in uniform — everything was like a selection of handsome and handsome men. Gazonchik and the one is cut so exactly that at least its level is measured. However, the sanctions came and the matter faded. Disappeared and jobs.

“Zatuk” to some extent a foreign tourist. Previously, here, to Rostov the Great, we traveled from all over the world: the French, the Spaniards, the Colombians, even from New Zealand. Now, according to the owner of one of the guest houses, for two years now there has been no foreign tourist. He emerged from dichlorvos called "Sanctions". Now all hope for the domestic traveler. Well, let Russian roads lead tourists here!

In Rostov the Great are amazing. Asphalt stands in the holes, sewer manholes are open on the streets, where both the child and the dog, but anyone will fail. It's a shame, because Rostov Veliky is a tourist center. Why not pave his roads with good coverage? Although the same tile Sobyaninskaya. But in the meantime you walk through the city, it creates a feeling of movement on the surface of Mars. Potholes on the pothole!

Old-timers say that when veterans were alive (there were really few of them left) and marching along the streets of Rostov on May 9th, the authorities tried to bring the road, at least along which the procession went, to this day. Time went by. Veterans slowly left, the roads were dilapidated, and in the end - a pit in the pit. Veterans run out - good roads run out. It is strange. All the money from the road fund goes to the Crimean bridge? I honestly do not know, but it creates a feeling of complete abandonment of the road sector in the city.

However, Rostov the Great is not only roads and sanctions influence. It is also an amazing tourist destination with its own special atmosphere. What you can see in Rostov Veliky Yaroslavl region?

Life-giving cross

Here, near Godenovo, there is a life-giving cross. So, pilgrims flock here from all over Russia and the near and far abroad. They say that if you attach your cross to this cross, then something good will surely happen in your life.

Lake Nero

A huge lake with an island in the middle. Leave on its coast - it is 200 meters from the central street Leninskaya - and the charge of amazing freshness will cover you with your head. A light breeze, something resembling a sea, refreshingly fantastic. Boats fishermen swaying on the water. Birds chirp around.

Coolness reigns here. Breathe easily and freely. After the suffocating Moscow traffic jams, such places just need to be visited. It is like a health pill for a patient; here you see the world as primeval.

Monastery Spasso-Yakovlevsky

It was here on the shore of the lake stretches amazing architecture Spasso-Yakovlevsky monastery, founded in the XIV century. Why would a man go to a monastery? Hard to answer. As one monk says,

“... you can talk a lot about saving Russia, but you can do something for it. Calmly, imperceptibly to others, without emphasizing its importance. Stop sinning: to look down upon others, think only of yourself, lie, change, acquire unrighteous wealth - repent, that is, rebuild your soul, and thereby save the soul of Russia. Therefore, going to a monastery is also a contribution to the salvation of our country. ”

I liked the monastery for its severity, although it requires a good restoration. But what a scent of flowers is on the territory of the monastery on summer days! My head is spinning. Heavy apples filled with sweetness hang like lush clusters. I want to tear them and eat.

If you go to the outskirts of the city, then there is even sometimes better than in the center. New homes, clean playgrounds. But then black skeletons of burnt houses stick out, absolutely ugly rusty metal boxes called “garages”. The contrast is noticeable and significant. But still, in general, the town makes a good impression. Cozy, clean, small.


The pride of Rostov is his Kremlin. From afar see these rows of orthodox spiers. Here you can feel very inspiring if you walk along the walls, and this pleasure costs only 120 ruble. Just the entrance - without walls - 50 rubles per adult.

But what amazing sunsets in this place! Meet the sunset here.

The melting rays of the sun illuminate the domes of cathedrals and churches. "Here the Russian spirit, here Russia smells." And if you want to drink, you can drink tea or sbiten. What is stronger? Mead local buy and test. Lyapota!

The Rostov Kremlin is especially beautiful in the evening when the trees and bushes inside the perimeter are illuminated with diode ribbons of blue, golden, white color. It turns out in a fairy tale.

Before going here it is recommended to reconsider the famous comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession”. Remember the episode when the archers were worn for the characters Kuravlev and Yakovlev? So, see these walls with your own eyes! Slightly run through them is also possible, if there is no one around. Only you shouldn’t jump from them, like the shooters in the film masterpiece by Gaidai. Immediately for a fee, you can change into costumes of the characters of the famous film and take pictures against the white walls of the Kremlin.

Trinity-Sergius Varnitsky monastery

A few kilometers from the city - you can walk there, in principle, and on foot, if time allows, there is a bright, no, I would say, luxurious object. Here once were salt saltworks, therefore this word is in the name of the monastery. On this place the miracle worker Sergius of Radonezh was born, to commemorate this great event and built an amazing temple. The brilliance of its domes struck me in earnest.

They say it is worth visiting in Rostov Veliky and the Onion Settlement and Enamel Museum museums. I myself did not look for these objects, since I’m not a big fan of museums at all.

In conclusion, I can say: come to Rostov Veliky of the Yaroslavl Region boldly. Breathe in this moist air mixed with mnogotravje and aromas of central Russian flowers. Touch the old days, try honey apples in the gardens that fall and lie unclaimed here. The world will enter your soul.

Rostov, he is so peaceful and provincial. What is beautiful.

Watch the video: Rostov Veliky, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Sergiev Posad. Day 4 of 7 Day Golden Ring Tour in Russia (April 2020).


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