Are there monuments to granite science?

For example, in the city of Abakan in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. There is a technical institute here. In the summer of 2013, a rather unusual monument to science appeared in front of him in a small cozy little square - a polished black granite cube was placed on a pedestal. Engraved inscriptions were made on its sides.

Of course, the main inscription says that this is a monument to the granite of science known among students (and not only), which must be gnawed in order to achieve something in life. The upper left corner of the granite cube is already thoroughly “gnawed”. It will be more accurate to say that this corner is neatly “chipped” with teeth. For those who do not know where to put their teeth, there is an inscription: “Gnaw here.” With humor, everything is in order with the Abakans.

Interestingly, in terms of architecture, the cube created a monument to the granite of science in Belgorod. It is installed on the alley of Olympians of one of the academic buildings of Belgorod University. The pedestal is three-tiered, round-shaped, and on its top is a pink granite cube, symbolizing the “stone” of science.

In 2012, the Volga State University of Technology solemnly celebrated the 80th anniversary of its foundation. The opening of the monument to granite of science was timed to the holiday. It is also in the form of a cube and has a characteristic cleavage on one side, showing where it is necessary to gnaw. The weight of the stone is over a ton, the height is two meters. It is installed near the third academic building of the university.

Even earlier, in 2007, a Ukrainian monument to the granite of science appeared near Vinnitsa. He, you guessed it, is also made in the shape of a cube, on one side of which a marble slab is screwed with the text: "The Edge of Science." Below is also in Ukrainian: "Tse first stone, laying the foundation of the Vinnitsa science-technology park." It was assumed that an analogue of the famous American Silicon Valley would appear under Vinnitsa. And this involved the training of highly qualified personnel who, during the course of their training, were able to nibble the granite of science well.

In Ukraine there is another original monument to granite science. It is located in Poltava on the territory of the national technical university. It is a granite stone (two meters in height) with stone books lying on it and a wise owl sitting on them.

The creators of the monuments to granite science have not bypassed junior scientific personnel. In the town of Troitsk (Moscow region) there is a monument to a junior research officer (MNS). This is a transparent cube (there are only edges), inside of which there is a granite of science in the form of an opaque stone cube “swallowed” by the MNF. Points are put on top.

It is curious that the pedestal is located in the middle of a kind of flower bed. But the usual colors in it. The bottom line is that an empty flower bed plays the role of scientific uncertainty, which must be brought to a certain state with knowledge.

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