Love and sardines. What are the blame fish?

Had Venu not thought that troubles could be expected from ... fish. Yes, even from such a small and defenseless, like a sardine. But it turns out that you can, and how else ...

It happened in Greece, on the shores of the Ionian Sea in the town of Kato Achaia. Gentle clear water of the sea bay, not at all disturbed even by small ripples, and not only by large waves, it attracted straight from the morning, and attracted.

The velvet season, which slowly sent holidaymakers goodbye nods and hints in the form of suddenly flown clouds or warm, short rain, gently coming to an end.

It can not be called a short Mediterranean tourist season, but it ended as inexorably as Venina vacation. Like it or not, but soon again to the university. Everyone is already learning, and Vienna is just lucky, and unexpectedly.

The classes have just begun, and, as expected, after noisy meetings with friends on September 1, the people threw off and habitually went to the hostel of the 2nd Medical Institute on Volgin Street.

All tanned, with glittering eyes and full of summer impressions, one Venka stood out from the crowd of fellow tribesmen - he spent the whole summer in the North, in Ukhta, helping his parents rebuild the animal farm. What is the tan here?

One thing united all - the lack of money, so there was a lot of booze, and from the snack - only fruit and canned food from a nearby store.

The next morning, Venka was sad and early, and indeed, to be honest, there was no morning, because he didn’t sleep at all, running like a shuttle from toilet to bed.

The visiting doctor, Semyonich (his own good on the board), noted the obvious poisoning and was glad that only one Venya ate canned food for the ill-starred sardines in Belarusian-made oil (gentlemen and ladies, where did the sardines start spawning from and from Belarus?) this is not poisoning ... Suddenly, jenya has jaundice?

Venia resisted at first - what jaundice, what are you ...

But Semyonych reassured:

- You are a fool, Venia, an ignoramus with a medical faculty! It is necessary to understand - once the suspicion of jaundice, I will now write out the direction for analysis on bilirubin.
The result must wait 7−10 days, or even more. And while there is no result - you will be considered infectious. Suddenly, an infectious disease ... Plus, boldly come here for the weekend. I, you fool, extend the vacation, unlike the dean's office! If you want - in your dorm room, and I would be in your place - on vacation on the sea, where I waved! There is some pale ... My pathologist hasn’t refuted my diagnosis yet, so bear in mind that you don’t have any jaundice, you’ve been hurt! Yes ... And yet - you still can not, and I - you can ... Pour!

So Venya ended up in Greece in the velvet season, a last minute ticket turned up on the cheap. And all - thanks to sardines!

He was so delighted with him as his family, when for the first time, plunging into the gentle and soft water of the bay, he felt how small fish began to cheekily cheat on his student inedible heels.

I looked in the clear water - they, relatives, sardines! His eyes are hungry, sad, like he had during a session or retake and practicing in the departments.

And so he felt sorry for them! If I were a fish Aibolit or Ihtiandr, I would certainly stand up for their defense, and so ... What can he do? Even a sardine stethoscope to which place to attach, do not immediately figure out, put an enema - in general it is scary, and it is completely incomprehensible in what proportion water solutions to use.

And they hover and hover around, obviously took him for the representative of the Higher Mind, the savior of the gill and tail-scaly.

And then it dawned on Venya - they can be fed! No sooner said than done…

And the feeding at Veny was low-cost: half-board in “three stars”, breakfast included in the hotel and dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Venya always himself was not very approving of those who, in breakfast, began to openly “tyrit” products for the upcoming free lunch ... After all, you can always buy yourself - there is nothing to disgrace and to cheat.

He himself was fine with the local heat with fruits from a nearby shop, but now ... Now he had to “steal” quietly himself, sometimes catching disapproving glances, but he was now responsible for them, for those whom he tamed ... And in the bread shop was not alone fruit.

Typing bread at breakfast, Venya ran to the beach, and while everyone was imposingly sitting on sun loungers under umbrellas after breakfast, he, in order not to attract attention, thrust a stuck bun or a small loaf into his trunks and went to his flock ...

As soon as he plunged to the waist, he was immediately surrounded by a pack of sardines - they kept him at the same place, at the same time. Venya got out, who had not yet had time to completely soak the bread, and the water around her suddenly began to boil - the feast began.

What can you do - instinct! Tamed ... Doctor Pavlov explained it all more than once, and the Sardinians turned out to be no more stupid than his famous dogs.

And recently in the hotel a flock of girls girls appeared from Lithuania. Young, beautiful, perky ... They barely know Russian, so slightly ...

One of them is very beautiful and attractively mysterious, just like the inaccessible Svetka from the 714th room. And her beautiful name is Martha ...

But she is always with her friends, chirps about something in her, and Venya is somehow embarrassed to come up, and he has things to do - the sardines must be hungry again and wait for him patiently ...

So this time Venya put a bagel with a bun in swimming trunks and went, it was to his flock, looking back at Martha ... The girls were energetically discussing something looking at him, gesticulating and arguing to Martha ...

Venya ran away, found himself in the water already almost to the waist - here they are, his fish! Martha, fervently bouncing, approached him and said something in her.

Only here Venia began to reach the meaning of what was happening and such an increased interest of some part of the beach to his modest person ... He had never suffered from female attention!

And the most terrible thing is that the bread in the bottoms is softened, and, sensing this, the tame sardines surrounded Wen and started pulling at it, trying to get to the feed: “Come on, they say, do not pull! Feed Get faster ... "

Venya didn’t dare to get the bread unnoticed at Martha, and he couldn’t explain himself on his fingers - why sardines attack him so much, what do they need ... Who would see Martha’s eyes at that moment!

It is not clear that she thought about all this with her friends, but when today at the dinner restaurant Venia walked away from the counter with a plate of pretty sardines baked as always by the chef Mikos, the hall started with laughter from the girls - Martha laughed first, looking at him and telling something to her friends. And they really came off in full, not hiding, looking at Venya, then on his plate with sardines.

This is how it is. Previously, Venia would never have thought that the troubles could be from some fish ...

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