Theater vs. child: where to start?

It so happened that relatives from Moscow visited us recently. Walked-looked, and decided to look on the way to the Opera House. They gave the "Nutcracker". And here our child suddenly expressed a desire to go along with them!

Honestly, I was smitten, because we ended up with theaters 3 years ago, when in 5 years we overfed him with our own stupidity “” and “The Snow Queen”. It seemed that Max had developed a reflex: “to go to the theater is to harm the nerves”.

“Noise, din and bullshit!” - this is exactly what Max knows about the theater. And here he volunteered, and even to the ballet, and not to a children's play. I worried about myself, of course. What if in the middle of the play he gets up and says: “That's it! Tired, go from here! "- or something else otbebuchit? And so it is not even Petipa and not even Elizariev, but also here in the appendage our Max. Still let go all with God. And everything worked out!

According to reviews, the first act, Max sat and watched even with great interest, in the second briefly took a nap. So in general, the visit took place, and our boy was on top. But, to be honest, the first encounter with serious art exhausted him emotionally completely. Therefore, the question: “Well, how? Did you like the ballet? ”Max, who was already in bed in a second, yawning, said something inarticulate and immediately passed out.

In the morning at breakfast I asked again: “So what is ballet? Like or not? "

Max vaguely eyebrows: "Yes, normal, normal ..."

I clarify: "So, not really, right?"

He is concentrating on his forehead in searching for the right words: “You know, you can hardly understand ... Well, how can I explain to you ... This Nutcracker ... Well, it’s kind of snappy, you know? ... Well, still a little bit long. As you know, I even managed to sleep well. But in general, normal. "

I sighed with joyful relief: it’s good that the ballet is not a “shit”! And that bread. So, we will try again and again.

And the other day the opportunity presented itself. There was an advertisement on TV in which everyone-everyone was invited to the “Puppy Patrol” tour performance! Son stuck to the screen. Standing behind him, I ask, as if in between times: “Do you want to go to this play? Get tickets? ”

Max turns to me in amazement: “What are you, Inna! What for?! I saw this cartoon a thousand times on TV! ”

I calmly object: “So what? This is a cartoon, but this is a performance! You and The Nutcracker have seen it many times - both a cartoon, and a fairy tale, and a film! And I went to the play! ”

Raising his voice, he shakes his hand in front of my nose, as if hammering my mind and mind: “Inn! Wow! Inn, I went to the ballet! Ba-yo, y'know! Everyone is dancing there! No this is not a spectacle! This is a ballet! ”

And for greater persuasiveness, before I walked out the door, Max portrayed the battman ... Well, so that at least somehow introduce me to high art.

Watch the video: Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre: Crash Course Theater #44 (April 2020).


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