How to decorate the interior with fabric?

Brilliant, solemn look will give brocade, damask and moire to your setting. Velvet and velvet will make the house warm and cozy. Atlas, lace and cambric will bring a touch of sentimentality and sensitivity to the interior. Tweed, tapestry and fine wool will add elegance and severity. The veil, the brothel, tulle and muslin are fabrics with a cheerful and slightly frivolous aura.

Such pleasant details as decorative sofa cushions, plaids and bedspreads, combined not only among themselves, but also with the style, color and texture of your curtains, give the apartment a habitable appearance, emphasize its individuality.
Covers for chairs, tablecloths and napkins, combining the features of the patterns on the wallpaper and curtains, also fit into the overall ensemble.

And if you just have a piece of very beautiful, special fabric with an original ornament, then feel free to use it to make your nest, your cozy corner.

You can simply and quickly decorate the wall by attaching the fabric loosely to the wall with decorative carnations. The most impressive is the matter with a wide patterned border, the colors and lines of which echo the outlines of furniture and accessories.

Exquisitely and magnificently, the use in the bedroom of such a little forgotten, but recently already reviving element of home decor, like a canopy over the bed. One has only to change the color of the walls and bed linen to the canopy color, and you will not recognize your room as if by a wave of a magic wand it turned into a luxurious boudoir.

And if here, in a boudoir, to put a graceful silk screen in oriental style, embroidered with flowers or birds, then, probably, unearthly pleasure will fall asleep and wake up in this fabulous and luxurious little paradise!
A screen is a rather ancient invention that came to us from China and Japan. This unusual piece of furniture exotic can also be called a folding screen and a movable wall.

But this cute little thing can take pride of place not only in boudoir or bedrooms. The space, organized with the help of a screen, can be designed for a variety of purposes. So, with its help, you can separate a dining area or a kind of office in a room, put it in a small living room to create an atmosphere of seclusion and privacy.

Behind the doors of this light partition, you can make a corner for reading, talking or sleeping, and it is also an ideal place to relax and socialize with a narrow circle of selected friends.
When choosing a fabric for a screen, it is advisable to take into account the nature, scope and scale of the pattern, in order to naturally align it with the scale and stylistic interpretation of furniture, the pattern of carpets and other patterned fabrics.

Of course, in one, especially small, room one should not use many types of fabrics with different patterns.
Monochrome non-drawing fabrics are easier to harmonize with the environment. And, if you chose a single-color fabric for a screen, then let the beauty of its texture, color and production become the guide in the final choice.

And what have you heard about the latest innovations - skirts for battery apertures? Oh, this is already something unprecedented at all, but, undoubtedly, brilliant!
How? Are your battery openings still without clothes? So do not offend them and give them a new thing.

Recently, wooden grilles were used to mask radiators. But a new decorator's decision - to cover the battery opening with a simple and at the same time refined, in line with fashion trends, woven “skirt” - this is even more effective, elegant and new, as well as a solution that contributes to the general window style.

This method is especially relevant when decorating a room in an oriental style so fashionable today, which implies extensive use of fabric as the main material for decorating walls. Such "skirts" will be able to emphasize the luxury and pomp of oriental decor.
Fixing the “skirt” is done with the help of “velcro”, which allows you to change the window outfit in a few minutes, and therefore you can update the “wardrobe” of your window as often as you see fit.

And if we started talking about the innovative use of fabric and new trends in the interior, then we must not mention the newfangled trend in the curtain styles, which is called “there are curtains - no curtains”, aimed at creating an ultra-modern high-tech interior and presenting modern designers as a fusion of beauty and grace with avant-garde and full minimalism.

The technology “There are curtains - no curtains” suggests emphasizing your freedom and independence, not isolating you from the world and others, but as much as possible integrating the surrounding reality and your inner space.
But I, the author of this article, believe that such a super-fashionable invention is unlikely to take root, and I think that the comfort and warmth of the home hearth can only give us traditional models and styles of the usual curtains that are dear to the heart.

Although, of course, the taste, the color ...
Good luck, dear readers, in your creative quest!

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