What are "liquid nails" for?

Not so long ago, construction glue called “Liquid Nail” appeared on the market. Its important feature is that it is plastic and gives a beautiful and very strong seam. This glue is very much in demand when installing any panels, installing ceramic and other tiles, and when repairing surfaces with materials into which it is impossible to hammer ordinary nails.

Two types of glue "Liquid Nail" - acrylic and neoprene.

  • The first type is designed primarily for porous and rough surfaces and well captures materials that are large enough in weight and size.
  • The second type of “Liquid Nail” is used to glue surfaces that cannot be pressed tightly to each other, although they are smooth. For example, parts with varying curvature, from heterogeneous materials with different characteristics of operation.

Glue is applied in two ways.

  1. The first one is “Point”, in the form of small drops on the places where, logically, there were nails or screws. Drops should be enough so that the parts to be glued do not squeeze the glue out.
  2. The second method is called "Snake". The adhesive is applied in the form of a winding line in the middle of the parts to be glued. The connection thus turns out to be more durable than with the “point” method. But at the same time, the glue itself is consumed more, since the “Snake” turns out to be more voluminous.

Glue "Liquid Nail" is suitable for combining the most different in their properties materials: wood, glass, ceramics, cardboard, metal, plastic. In a word, this glue is universal. It allows you to quite professionally build or repair something in the household, even to those who have never held a hammer and nails in their hands.

Interestingly, this glue is heat-resistant, absolutely not afraid of moisture, durable, does not crumble after drying. It is also curious that one drop of this glue "holds" a weight of 50 kg, if the parts are hung vertically and try to "tear them" apart.

If you intend to build a dwelling or repair something, you will be greatly helped to achieve a quality result called glue. Well, the brand of this glue can be selected for sale to your taste and wallet. This is about the way with the proposal of the car. There are a lot of machines and all of them are united by the word “auto”, and a certain model of a certain brand is bought. So with glue. There are many types of glue, and I just turned your attention to one. And this is just useful information.

By the way, in many cases it is quite possible to manage with ordinary nails during construction or repair, if you have experience in working with them. For example, you know well how to firmly connect parts with nails, using special techniques for their bending in wooden products. Usually, the nails that have passed through the boards are folded into a “ring” and driven in with the tip again into the boards. It turns out very strong connection.

But the nuance is that such a skill is not achieved immediately, but only as far as any construction or repair. And the liquid nail glue is focused on its actions just on the fact that they will be used with minimal knowledge, quickly getting a completely professional result in quality.

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