Where to draw energy and how not to lose it?

Since we have both body and soul, we need two types of energy for a normal life. Let's call them conditionally physical and mental.

Physical energy can be found:
• From quality food.
• From full sleep.
• When doing exercise.

This is all known even to children. And almost every person in our highly organized society gets it all over with. If you wish, of course (many people avoid doing physical exercises, sleep a little and consume not so much quality as tasty food). But even if all three points are exemplary, all the same, energy will not be enough. Rather, it will be barely enough, and the body will work at the limit of possibilities.

What is missing? That's right, mental energy.

Getting mental energy much more diverse and in some way is a fairly individual process. But we can distinguish common paths. You charge when:
• love you.
• You are praised.
• You are supported.
• You are understood and accepted.
• You do what you love.
• You are in nature.

However, in everyday life there are much more moments when people do not receive, but lose mental energy. The transfer of this energy is carried out with the help of emotions. It should be borne in mind that positive emotions given to another person, energize both the donor and the recipient. But negative - draining the author of emotions and recharge the one to whom they are addressed. It does not matter what they charge with energy of poor quality, the main thing is that the energy has gone from you to another person. Well, and he will give it further - shout at home to someone ... Everyone wants to get rid of poor-quality energy as soon as possible.

Let's try to understand where most people lose energy? If you do not spend power on voltage, then the energy will immediately become much more. Fatigue from psychological stress. Lack of energy - from stress. For example, bargaining at the time of the transaction - too much stress. Try to present two options: when you pay without bargaining and when it is vital for you (not for the sake of excitement!) To knock out a discount. There is a difference? In feeling after the deal? There is!

The list of situations in which mental energy is lost, leaking with negative emotions, is truly enormous. And for each, he will have his own, depending on the stability of the nervous system and abilities to different types of activities. The less abilities to this type of activity, the more energy will be spent on its maintenance. For example, for a person uncommunicative, even maintaining an easy conversation will be energy-intensive.

Criterion one. If you like something - when you perform this action (and even just from the anticipation of it), you will be charged with energy. If something is done through force or duty - you are provided with energy loss.

It is clear that it is impossible to eliminate all unpleasant actions from your life. And therefore it is important to remember that any action associated with the loss of psychic energy for you must be compensated for by an action that you enjoy. Then you can recharge and maintain a balance of energy. And you will always feel in high spirits. Like a light balloon !.

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