The best psychologist: who is he?

It will be about the everyday understanding of the word “psychologist”, about that vital wisdom, about thoughtful attention to the nuances of the motives of actions and relationships of people, which are shown by some people around us. So who is he the best psychologist?

Let's remember when we most often need psychological help? Most often when it comes to our inner understanding his and others motives, his relations to some ambiguous issues, trying to understand a variety of uncomfortable situations and find us output of them.

What you need to get practical experience in such a "daily" psychology? Of course, you need the opportunity to constantly communicate with different people. At the same time, the situation in which such communication usually takes place should have these people to be frank, to want to speak out, to share what has accumulated in the soul.

In addition, of course, we need a special character trait, which psychologists call empathy (not to be confused with sympathy) - the ability to feel and understand other people.

Well, without life experience there is no need to do it - in order to pass through all the revelations of other people through his lens, obtained through the current situation and innate empathy, and get a new experience of your own.

So where can we meet such "semi-professional" psychologists?

The classic example is random companion. Of course, the fellow traveler is not a profession. You may meet a person who is ready to listen, and if necessary, give advice, especially since trains, and especially long-distance trains, are conducive to trusting communication. But also in the trains there may be other types that are not inclined to communicate. Well - the road does not choose fellow travelers and is glad to any guest.

I found for myself such a psychologist in my hairdresser. Just imagine: a woman of about 40 years old, with her life experience, with a diverse clientele, interested in her own development, faced with the same problems as most people: children, career, money, relationships ... In addition, with her appearance and demeanor disposing to communicate.

Shears me an hour and a half (these are my three hairs in six rows!) And mumbles something through the crack of a scissors-hair dryer. You listen - and you understand that she talks about what worries her right now, about some of her problem. And you also understand that you can tell something sensibly on your own. Accelerate nap and tell. So, word for word - and it turns out full communication. Where everyone expresses his position, feels attention from the interlocutor, respect for his opinion, is aware of his value and even some kind of life wisdom.

The task asks: is it true that everyone who sits in the chair for Natasha (that is the name of my hairdresser), have such invaluable and unique life experience? In any case, probably.

But - everyone receives from Natasha not only professional hair care, but also a sense of importance, respect, gets the opportunity to speak out and be attentively listened to, and in the end - can get and share life experience (and his good hairdresser with an excellent clientele, Believe me, more than enough!).

You leave the salon with a fresh hairstyle, and it seems that the soul has refreshed. The accumulators of vital forces were recharged, self-esteem was fed, self-confidence and self-reliance blossomed again, and new topics for articles appeared in the magazine “”.

But, you see, it is precisely for this that many people go to a professional psychologist. Behind communication, during which a professional helps to find in his heart the dormant forces he needs to solve his problems, as well as for a happy life.

And what examples of “semi-professional psychologists” have you come across?

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