Who destroyed the largest medieval city in Europe?

Because it was not at all difficult to give God the soul in that Paris. So say, see Paris and die. After drinking, for example, water from the dirty Seine, to which sewage was carelessly poured. Or having met on a dark night on a narrow street a gang of dashing robbers. So it should be kindly remembered the person who destroyed the largest medieval city in Europe Paris and built a new Paris at the same place, in the image and likeness of which all European major cities began to rebuild themselves.

What is our astronomical address? We reveal the usual boundaries ...

It is the place of our Earth in the Universe that is our astronomical address. Why is it needed? It is not necessary to indicate it in the letters, it is not written in the passport - so maybe it would be better without it? But this can be answered by a person who lived in some thirteenth century AD, who considered the whole world his village. He thought that the sun sets here over those hills, and rises behind such and such little river.

Where are the winds coming from? Part 1. Winds are closer

Night marshmallow Struet ether. Rumbles, runs the Guadalquivir. What does all this mean? Bearing in mind the famous retelling of “A lucky tent flies,” where the children decided that the reins are fluffy are animals that are blown up by a cubic ruthless flying projectile, we just in case warn: at night, a sweet delicacy marshmallow emits essential oils, and in general night air has nothing to do with it, this is not television for you.

How does a welder work? Always be in a mask ...

Put on a welding mask for starters in order to look at the world through the eyes of a welder. Zero visibility, hostile darkness, through the smoke of soot of poisonous high-temperature fumes interrupted by the flickering local point of the electric arc and molten metal. Through the impenetrable window of the welding glass, the blinding blue-white electric arc is seen only as a yellowish star, and the molten, bubbling bright scarlet metal is seen as faint reddish water.

Shumak. Where does the power of the spirit come from? Part 1

And then, when the water changed color and taste, when the country changed and this wonderful abbreviation - permanent residence (let life change), my mother told me about Shumak. An embarrassed PhD, a radiochemist and just a Chernobyl veteran, she said: “You know, that doesn't happen. From under a single stone, literally a few centimeters from each other, they beat sources of different composition and different temperatures.

Shumak. Where does the power of the spirit come from? Part 2

As if out of respect for the Sayan mountains, the helicopter got quiet, the faces of the passengers change. Someone shouts to me in my left ear: “The Kitoy River!” - and shows a finger between the rocks, I don’t see anything, I’m just trying to realize if this is happening to me. These snow-covered black mountains, gray taut sky, kinks and rare trees seemed to have taken on top of the usual illustration and laid out what is impossible beautifully, which makes me feel like some kind of rubbish that is unclear why it exists among the magnificence of the harsh nature of the Sayan mountains.

How to spend a wedding in Montenegro? Tradition and Modernity

What are family traditions? Let us turn to history. Attitude to marriage in Montenegro has always been very serious. The wife, so to speak, knew her place and did not interfere in the affairs of her husband. There was a rule that in some modern Montenegrin families is very relevant to this day. The rule says - the wife commands the house (in the kitchen and with the children), and the husband commands the outside.

What to see in India? Fort golconda

Herding Hill? or Gola Konda in the language of Telugu people living in the state of Andhra Pradesh has an interesting history. In 1143, on the hill of Mangalavara, one podpasok stumbled upon an amazing statue of a deity. The news quickly spread and reached King Kakatya, who ruled at the time.

How to prepare for an ... earthquake?

Modern science, unfortunately, still cannot predict the time of earthquake occurrence, but life around itself sometimes makes us understand that danger is approaching. It is proved that some time before the earthquake, animals begin to worry and behave unusually: dogs and cats - 2 days before the first tremors; hens - from 1 to 3 days; mice and rats - from 1 to 15 days; fish - from several hours to 10 days; pigeons - up to 1 day.

Charles Ord Wingate. How to create an army of the state?

The annexation of the former Turkish possessions was not carried out in order to turn them into colonies. The time of the colonial seizures was coming to an end. The word "colony" among the "progressive" powers was not fashionable. Now they were talking about the mandate of the international community (then it was called the League of Nations) to certain territories in order to create national states there.

Where on our planet is forbidden to die?

Not so long ago, she returned, and when discussing the aforementioned condition, we started talking about a ban on death - if you can forbid giving birth, can you forbid dying. A relative claimed that there are precedents in the world, but I could not believe it - it hurt somehow illogical. It's like forbidding to breathe, for example.

What did the batman look like?

These are mainly decorative armor of later times, which adorned the “leaders” of that time in parades and other “public events”. They were "beautifully decorated" with gold, silver and other silk "tinsel". It is clear that all this beauty in battle could suffer greatly. And the armor in the good old days were valued and passed down from generation to generation.

Who invented whiskey and why?

The very first official mention of whiskey, confirmed by the annals, appeared in 1494. The Scottish Treasury ordered "to give eight bolls of malt to Brother John Cora for making aqua vitae." 8 ball (Scottish measure of weight, 1 ball - 218.25 kg) is more than one and a half tons, or rather, 1746 kg.

What is the most "mythical" myth about Muscovites?

Open arms Kissing Sobs. Yelps and joyful jumps of children, shock to animals, if the guests arrived in full ammunition. Troubles in the kitchen, lamenting (not always justified) that the mouse hung itself in the refrigerator, handing over the keys. I love my friends so much. How not to love? Dumas would not have coped with the task of describing the experience.