How to interest a child in reading?

To be able to read, you need to do it well. Our brain perceives information in a split second, and slow reading interferes with, delays the process of perception. Scientists have established a relationship between reading speed and academic performance. A student who learns fours and fives reads at a speed of 120 or more words per minute.

How to study in absentia?

Strangely enough, the practice of evening, correspondence and even distance learning still exists in our universities. In his spare time from the main work. Yes, such a life is somewhat different from the carefree students of full-time students. Perhaps you planned to spend the best years of your youth otherwise.

How to learn a foreign language?

And you can dive either alone, or in a group, or with a teacher. Just choosing a teacher, you need to avoid amateurs (it is not easy - there are a lot of them). The main criterion - the teacher should talk to you. The teacher who makes the student only do exercises from the textbook is bad. Classes should be intensive - with conversations, auditions, tests.

Attend preparatory courses for applicants?

Each university represents in its own way what kind of training its applicants need, and therefore there is a noticeable difference between the courses, ranging from the duration and ending with the proposed material. As a rule, attending preparatory courses is paid, and besides, it takes additional time and often has to sacrifice weekends, not to mention the fulfillment of tasks.

How to deal with the early development of your child?

WE WILL KNOW THE WORLD When the baby learns to hold the head, do everyday excursions around the house with it. Holding the baby in your arms, point at the objects and say what they are called. Show where the cot, wardrobe, wall, ceiling, etc., are located. Throughout the children's room, hang colorful letters of the entire alphabet on the wall and also tell him where the letter is.

How to choose a business training?

Training - a course of duration from 1 day to several months. To date, the most common psychological training, increase the business activity of the person, the ability to properly respond in life situations. Almost all trainings are business oriented. Prices for such courses on average range from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles.

How to make friends with a foreign language?

Foreign languages ​​are not easy for many, since at first glance they often have nothing in common with their native language. After all, you need to memorize so many new lexical and grammatical units, and the new material is not digested too readily. In mastering a language, two main stages can be distinguished: passive, when you study the first sounds, words, you begin to understand what is being said and what is written; and active when you speak, write, think in a foreign language.

How to help your child with homework?

How to make homework does not turn into a nightmare for the whole family? This will be discussed today. First you need to define the time frame for doing homework. The main thing in this matter is to achieve the formation in the child of the idea of ​​doing homework as an inevitable ritual that takes place in a certain place and at the same time.

How to get a first grader to do homework?

Educational psychologists on this subject have a very definite point of view. If a first-grader does not want to do homework, it can only mean one thing: he does not work. And the task of parents is to help their child. But first you need to pay attention to one psychological moment. Even if the child went to kindergarten or to school preparation classes, he was not required to do homework every day, he was simply not used to it.

How to prepare a first grader for September 1?

The first question that worries all parents is: what kind of knowledge should a child have when entering school. The necessary minimum is the knowledge of letters and numbers, the ability to read simple syllables and two-syllable words (“mother” is a minimum, “fish” - aerobatics), to solve simple tasks of addition-subtraction (“Mom baked five cakes, three you ate, how many It remains "), supporting the solution of these problems with the action with chopsticks.

How to learn fast typing?

No, I'm not talking about professional typists, not about computer operators, and not even about experienced gamers. This is about those who have learned how to competently work with a computer keyboard. And everyone can learn. Why can't I type quickly with two or three fingers? Very simple. These two or three fingers will have to perform such unbearable work, torn between a hundred keys on the keyboard, that at least the speed will drop quickly, and as a maximum, very unpleasant joint diseases can develop.

What is a kindergarten for the poor in the UK?

About the day center I tell not from someone's words. I saw it myself, I climbed all its nooks, I felt everything myself. The center is visited not only by the poor. Among the parents there are fine doctors and lawyers. And this is the backbone of the English middle class. In the end, the contingent is mixed, which allows children of immigrants to adapt faster.

How to improve English online?

Language proficiency implies that you can read and understand what you read, write, perceive speech by ear and speak (communicate). 1. Read. For training this skill, reading e-books (interesting for you, not for your teacher), chatting on forums and all sorts of tests (for example, Brainbench) is quite suitable.

How to develop the imagination of the child?

I want to warn you in advance: do not be intimidated, you do not have to play at home at the table, or in specially designated places. You can play these games wherever you live with your child, and where there will be free time. For example, in the queue to the doctor in the clinic, or on the way to kindergarten. Game One: "Make up a story."

How can a student not fall asleep over textbooks? 5 ways

So, the mission is set: do not fall asleep! How? Method one is banal. Brew a very strong coffee (or tea), preferably without sugar, and drink 2–3 cups in a row. Must cheer up. At least, the desire to go to the toilet will not let you fall asleep for a while. Note: only it is not worth replacing coffee with alcohol, in most cases the action is the opposite.

How to set up a six-string guitar?

It is known that the first string on the fifth fret is “la” of the first octave. I have repeatedly heard that in terms of frequency this sound roughly corresponds to the sound of a dial tone in the handset: “la” - 440 vibrations per second, a telephone dial tone - 400 vibrations per second. Maybe it is so. I myself have never tested it. The open first string is the "mi" of the first octave.

How to develop musical abilities in preschool children? Part 2

You can play this game on the development of musical ear. Let's call it “Musical bottles” (glasses, glasses). For the game you need any identical glass vessels, for example, bottles, or glasses, or glasses and another metal spoon or fork. Let at the beginning of them (vessels) be 2, the older the child, the more vessels.

How to find economic information?

I want to receive information as quickly as possible, and at the same time that its quality is as high as possible. Requirements of accuracy, efficiency, truthfulness and reliability are imposed on data covering economic processes. What the Internet gives to a query for a given word often leaves all these requirements unfulfilled.